Soccer Jerseys of the Juventus 2022/2023

All the soccer jerseys of the greatest clubs are to be found on Foot-Store. Find here the soccer jerseys of Dusan Vlahovic's Juventus. One of Serie A 's most popular clubs!

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All Juventus jerseys

Juventus, has 37 Scudetti to its name, 13 Coupe d'Italie and 8 Supercup d'Italie, making it the most successful club onItalie. Federico Chiesa, Paulo Dybala, Moise Kean and the Juve players are keen to perpetuate this national supremacy with a 9th Scudetto, but are also dreaming of lifting the most prestigious of all cups, the Ligue des Champions. They replace the likes of Pavel Nedved, Trezeguet, Zidane, Del Piero and Zambrotta.

The club's objective is clear: to bring the trophy back to Turin. Since winning the final in 1996, the Old Lady Dame has lost 4 finals to Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan, FC Barcelone and Real Madrid. Fans have been waiting impatiently for this trophy for 24 years now.

For, as well as being the most successful club onItalie, Juve are also the most supported on Italie. Juventus fans can be found all over Italie, but not only there, Andrea Agnelli's club has a huge following all over the world. The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018 has further boosted this passion for the Piedmont club.

Home jersey Juventus 2022/23

Juventus home jerseys are snapped up on every continent, althoughadidas and Juventus have decided to innovate this season in the design of these shirts. The traditional home jersey with thin black and white stripes has been replaced this season by a home jersey featuring several large black stripes on a white background. The black stripes are formed from small triangles, giving the jersey a dynamic look. The Juventus 20222/23 home shirt is undoubtedly one of the most popular Juventus shirts. For decades, tifosi have been fans of the black-and-white stripes, and now Paulo Dybala is the proud owner of the Juventus home shirt when he takes to the field at Juventus Stadium.

away jersey Juventus 2022/23

For away matches this season, Juventus wears a black away jersey with white and charcoal-grey accents. Unlike the home jersey, the Juventus away jersey has a black and white V-neck. The club crest and adidas logo are also white. Every season, the Piedmont-based club tries to innovate its away jersey to please Turin fans around the world.

Third jersey Juventus 2022/23

Finally, the third jersey is blue, with touches of blue and white on the Juventus third jersey. Juve is one of the most popular clubs on the Ligue des Champions website, which is why the Turin club has to offer a special range of Juve jerseys Ligue des Champions.

All equipment Juventus Turin

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