Soccer Cleats adidas Copa

adidas soccer boots are obviously a benchmark in the soccer boot galaxy. Here you'll find all adidas Copa soccer boots, the most iconic adidas studs of the last 40 years, thanks to their sublime touch of the ball.

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Soccer shoes adidas Copa

The adidas Copa shoe has nothing left to prove in the world of soccer. Known since its earliest years as Copa Mundial, the mythical adidas soccer boot has been revisited for modern soccer, but has lost none of its superb appeal. Its history began at the 1982 World Cup in Espagne. In 2016, adidas chose a new design for its Copa silo with the Copa SL and then the Copa 17.1. Finally, Copa completes its transformation with the laceless Copa 19.

Crampons adidas Copa : Exceptional feel for the ball

TheCopa soccer shoe offers its wearer an unrivalled level of comfort with its high-performance synthetic leather and met provides the ultimate conditions for players to make a difference . The control and precise touch of the ultra ball offered by a soft, stitched upper are the most distinctive qualities of the adidas Copa soccer boot. Paulo Dybala has also opted for this shoe, and his touch and class are evident in every match.

Which players wear adidas Copa ?

The adidas Copa is one of soccer's most legendary shoes. Some of the biggest names to have worn them include portZinedine Zidane, King Eric Cantona, Oliver Kahn, Diego Maradona, Gary Lineker, David Beckham and Frank Lampard. As you can see, this pair of cleats crosses generations, and today Paulo Dybala is the ambassador of the adidas Copa range, wearing the brand-new adidas Copa Sense. Otherautres players are also wearing adidas Copa , including Toni Kroos, Sergio Ramos, young Atlético Madrid talent Joao Félix and German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

What are the different ranges of adidas Copa ?

The Copa silo is divided into three models: the adidas Copa Sense, the adidas Copa Gloro and the adidas Copa Mundial. The German equipment manufacturer has chosen to produce two top-of-the-range versions of the Copa silo. The adidas Copa Sense + or Copa 20+ is the laceless range, while the adidas Copa Sense 1 or Copa 20.1 is the laced model. Both models feature the same technologies, and are therefore more expensive. Two models are also available for the mid-range: adidas Copa Sense.2 and Copa Sense.3. The main technologies, such as Kangaroo leather, disappear, and the price is a little more attractive. Finally, the Copa Sense.4 is the entry-level model in the Copa silo.

Copa 's core technology: Fusion Skin

Fusion Skin technology minimizes friction between shoe and foot, thanks to the suppleness of kangaroo leather and a laceless upper. The aim is to deliver outstanding ball handling. The laceless version features Purecut, Primeknit and Sockfit technology. The shoe moulds to the shape of the foot for optimum comfort and freedom of movement, thanks to an integrated sock. The lace-up version lacks these technologies in favor of Sprint Frame Technology .

adidas Copa for all types of terrain

Like all self-respecting cleats, the adidas Copa is available for all types of terrain and adapts to all types of player. Get adidas Copa Sense or Gloro FG studs for dry natural turf or SG studs for oily turf. For synthetic turf, MG studs are ideal, while for synthetic surfaces such as Urban and Five, TF studs are de rigueur. Finally, for lovers of futsal andindoor, adidas Copa Sense IN SALA will do the trick. There's no excuse not to buy ta pair of adidas Copa for all your favorite sports.

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