Goalie gloves Uhlsport

In this category, you'll find a wide selection of Uhlsport soccer goalkeeper gloves at unbeatable prices. Uhlsport gloves are renowned for their technique and performance, as they are used by top goalkeepers such as Aréola, Mandanda, Ruffier and Maignan.

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Goalkeeper gloves Uhlsport

How to choose your soccer goalkeeper gloves?

Choosing glove foam

Uhlsport has developed 5 different types of foam to satisfy the needs of soccer goalkeepers.

SuperGrip: SuperGrip foam is considered the top-of-the-range foam by the brand, since it uses technological elements to reinforce its grip. SuperGrip is ideal for all types of soccer matches and training sessions, and has been designed to last over time, supporting goalkeepers throughout the season minimum.

AbsolutGrip: AbsolutGrip foam, described as "all-round" by the manufacturer, gives a rounded shape to Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves. This foam is equally reliable in dry and wet weather.

SoftFoam: SoftFoam is available in several ranges: Soft, StarterSoft and SuperSoft. This foam is characterizedrise by a balance between wear resistance and grip. SoftFoam gloves are long-lasting and reliable for goalkeepers. It remains to be seen which model you'll choose, to find the balance that's right for you. More grip, less resistance? Less grip for more resistance?

Aquagrip: Aquagrip foam is characterizedrise by its particularly high wet-weather resistance, thanks to its special aqua component. High-grip elements ensure excellent wet-weather grip.

Aquasoft: Aquasoft foam stands out for its excellent wet-weather grip, thanks to special aqua elements.

Resist: This latest Resist foam is new at Uhlsport, to the delight of goalkeepers and the misfortune of attackers! It is composed of graphite particles and powder. Thanks to these graphite components, the surface of the palm is much more resistant to wear and friction. Like SoftFoam gloves, there are 3 different ranges, corresponding to 3 levels of quality. The top range is SuperSoft Resist, often referred to as "Super Resist", with a soft, supple surface and an additional 3 mm thickness. The mid-range Soft Resist is also 3mm thicker, with a soft, supple surface. Finally, the entry-level model is the Resist Starter with a slightly structured surface.

Choosing the right glove cut

There are 5 different cuts of soccer goalkeeper gloves. Uhlsport offers these same 5 cuts in its new soccer glove collection available on Foot-store. Here they are in detail:

Reflex Cut: Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves with the "Reflex Cut" feature innovative inner seams to maximize ball control.

Fingerssurround Cut: This cut combines inner seams and an ergonomic look exterior to deliver optimum grip on the ball and a slim fit.

Half Negative Cut: This cut is very similar to the previous one, thanks to its inner seams and overall outer look to deliver the best possible feel for the goalkeeper wearing it.

Rollfinger Cut: The big advantage of this cut of gloves is grip. Indeed, these pairs offer unrivalled grip, thanks to a latex coating around the fingers and the absence of seams in favor of 100% foam.

Classic Cut: The main aim of this cut is to increase the surface area of the palm, thereby increasing the contact area with the ball. The result is a more secure grip on the ball.

Protecting your hand

Bionikframe+ with Thumbframe: The aim of this technology is to protect the thumb while maintaining its original mobility.

Bionikframe: Here, protection takes a back seat to lightness, stability and flexibility, in order to preserve the hand's natural movements.

Supportframe +: This technology improves ball gripping with its stabilizing system and absorbs shocks thanks to the structure incorporated on the back of the hand.

Supportframe: Supportframe technology provides effective protection for the hand in all circumstances and follows the natural movements of the hand.

Schockzone: This technology enhances the grip of the gloves and offers high resistance to contact.