BVB09 soccer Jerseys 2023/24

Find on Foot-Store all the soccer jerseys of the biggest teams of Bundesliga. That's why you'll find here all the jerseys of Borussia Dortmund.

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Borussia Dortmund is an immense club in German and European soccer. Having made German soccer history by winning the first European Cup with the 1966 Cup Winners' Cup, BVB is clearly one of Germany's all-time best clubs. The club's track record speaks volumes for its success over the years. Domestically, the German club has won 8 Bundesliga, 4Allemagne Cups and 6Allemagne Supercups. Internationally, Borussia Dortmund has won 1 Intercontinental Cup, 1 Cup Winners' Cup and, above all, 1 Ligue des Champions. The latter was won in the 1997 final against Didier Deschamps' Juventus, the holders of the title.

Today, the club continues to battle it out every season with Bayern Munich to win another Bundesliga and thus regain the top spot in German soccer. Thanks to their strong league performances, the Borussia Dortmund club continues to rub shoulders with Europe's top clubs at Ligue des Champions, impressing the soccer world not only with their direct style of play but also, and above all, with the atmosphere of their incredible 80,720-seat stadium, Signal Iduna Park. Reputed to be one of the hottest atmospheres in Europe, if not the hottest, the atmosphere at Signal Iduna Park is incredible, thanks to the many loyal fans present at the stadium. The club fills the stadium at every match, and the remaining season tickets sell out in less than a day each season... The fervor within the club is incredible. In fact, the stadium's South Stand is nicknamed "The Yellow Wall", as it boasts almost 25,000 standing places behind the goal on the South Bend, which is currently the largest standing fan stand in the whole of Europe.

As you'll have gathered, the traditional color of this iconic club is yellow, accompanied by black. These are the colors used by Puma for the club's soccer shirts for the 2022/23 season BVB. The home jersey is predominantly yellow with touches of black, the away jersey is completely black and finally the third jersey is half yellow and half black. Borussia Dortmund jerseys are often real success stories.

Home jersey Borussia Dortmund 2022/23

The BVB09 home jerseyis unsurprisingly yellow with black stripes. The German outfitter Puma has been using the same colors since 2012. The Puma logo is yellow and the 1&1 shirt sponsor is black. The club also has a home shirt, for cup matches in particular Ligue des Champions, different from the home shirt used in Bundesliga. This shirt is also yellow with small light grey squares alternating between small polka dots and diagonal stripes. This time the Evonik sponsor is in purple.

Outdoor jersey Borussia Dortmund 2022/23

Puma has designed a black Dortmund away jersey with a yellow diagonal stripe running through the club crest and the jersey sponsor's logo. Thelower part of the diagonal features BVB09 motifs in graffiti and street-art .

Third jersey Borussia Dortmund 2022/23

The Borussia Dortmund Third jersey is identical in design to the jersey used in the Cup. The main color is white with a yellow collar and small yellow and gray squares. The new Dortmund portoutfits designed by Bellingham are available for men, women and children. All sizes are available.

Borussia Dortmund equipment

On Foot-store, we suggest you find these BVB soccer shirts in this category dedicated to the Borussia Dortmund store. You'll also find the German club's training outfits, including training tops, tracksuits, pants, shirts and shorts, as well as lifestyle outfits, including sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts and autres official Borussia Dortmund products. Complete match outfits are offered in this category: jerseys, shorts and socks for champ players and goalkeepers.

We also offer you the opportunity toflock the nom of your favorite player on your BVB soccer jersey, whether it's Reus, Haller, Bellingham , Witsel or Hummels.