Soccer Cleats for all turf types

When it comes to soccer, it's important to choose the right cleats. Nike , adidas, Puma, New Balance offer soccer boots suitable for all types of terrain. To make the right choice, simply visit nom. When it says FG, it means a pair of shoes for dry pitches, SG for greasy pitches, AG for synthetic pitches and TF for synthetic surfaces known as turfs. Brands have also developed models for indoor soccer (futsal), also known asindoor soccer, with the initials IC at nom.

It's up to you to find the right model!

Discover our huge selection of soccer boots for every type of pitch. Whether you play on dry ground, greasy ground, synthetic ground, synthetic surface or futsal, you'll find a pair of cleats to suit you, from the latest models by your favorite brands.

A wide selection of soccer cleats for all types of terrain

Soccer is certainly the most popular sport in the world, and has been for a long time. To play it, you need to be well equipped. Soccer bootsare the crucial element that has the greatest impact on ta performance. By opting for cleats that are well adapted to where you play and the shape of your foot, you'll be able to grip the ground well, stay stable and perform at your best on the pitch while avoiding serious injury. No matter what level of player you are,amateur or advanced, and no matter what ta your place on the field, you absolutely must have the right model to achieve your goals. Only with the right shoes can you take on the opposition and lead your team to victory.

At Foot Store, you'll find a huge selection of soccer boots. Whatever thepitch, we offer soccer cleats from all the major sporting goods brands , includingAdidas,Nike,Puma,Mizuno,New Balance and Joma. Whatever your ta preference, we're sure to have the perfect pair of boots for you. For all purchases, take advantage of our stock clearance and delivery rapide!

A specific soccer boot for every type of pitch

You're looking for a new pair of soccer boots, but you're lost between the different types of studs? Don't knowwhat FG, SG, AG, TF or ICstand for ? For every type of surface you play on, there's a suitable type of sole. The wrong choice of sole can have negative effects on ta performance. By consulting our guide, each type will hold no secrets for you.

Dry/farm ground and natural grass = FG cleats

If you're playing on a dry natural grass-type pitch/surface, choose an FG (Firm Ground) shoe . This is the type of sole most commonly found on soccer pitches. Its studs are molded and designed to penetrate the grass surface for optimum grip and shock absorption.

Wet grass and greasy ground = SG studs

For greasy surfaces such as natural grass that's very damp and sometimes muddy, choose a shoe with an SG (Soft Ground) sole. These are fitted with tough, replaceable screw studs. They anchor your footing and prevent slipping on difficult terrain.

Synthetic turf = AG studs

If you play on a synthetic pitch/surface, i.e. withartificial grass, you need to use AG (Artificial Grass) sole shoes. These have many smaller, shorter conical studs to distribute the weight more evenly over the studs and prevent slipping on the pitch.

Turf surface = TF studs

On stabilized surfaces such as grass, gravel, tarmac or clay, TF soles are ideal. These soccerboots feature small multi-crampons or a very sturdy sole for good grip on these surfaces.

Field indoor/futsal = IC studs

If you want to dominate terrain indoor, you'll need a good pair of shoes with an IC sole (Indoor Court ). With an almost flat texture, they offer the best possible grip without leaving sole marks on the ground.

Now that you know which type of cleat is right for you, browse our range to find the right pair for you. Whether for men, women or children, all you need to do is go to nom to find out what type of cleat you need.

High-quality soccer boots with cutting-edge technology

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