Soccer Cleats adidas for Kid

On Foot-Store, you'll find all the soccer products for kids, including soccer boots from the biggest brands! Find here all adidas soccer boots dedicated to children!

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Treat yourself to the best adidas soccer boots for kids at low prices on foot-store. Here you'll find all the leading soccer cleat models adidas juniorversions: adidas X Speedflow, adidas Nemeziz , adidas Predator Freak, adidas Copa Sense.

adidas soccer boots for children: between comfort and performance

Children's soccer boots are a key element in the selection process, and must be chosen with the playing surface in mind. Adapted soccer cleats are essential to avoid injury and to give your best on the pitch.

Thanks to their sophisticated design, quality models incorporating cutting-edge technologies, such as those from the brand with the three stripes, are designed to help you make rapid progress by ensuring better ball control. With their high-performance components, adidas juniorsoccer boots will give you greater stability both during acceleration and at standstill. Appreciated above all for their comfort, the brand's studs are port used by famous top-level players such as Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema and Paulo Dybala.

adidas soccer cleats for children: a quality selection for every need

Are you afan of synthetic pitches? Indoor soccer fan ? Whatever your playing field and level, our online store has a wide selection of adidas juniorsoccer boots at low prices to complete your equipment. To accompany you during training sessions or competitive matches, you'll find soccer cleats for all types of terrain.

We offer you a fine selection of adidas children's cleats from leading brands to meet your needs and comfort requirements. Whether your style of play is based onspeed, overrun or hard defense, foot-store has everything you need at the best price. Choose your soccer gear from premium quality models designed by German manufacturer adidas. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for mid-height models offering excellent ankle support, such as the adidas Predator Freak children's shoes. On turf or synthetic surfaces, adidas Copa Sense shoes offer optimum grip thanks to their multi-crampon rubber sole. Discover the adidas soccer cleat collections designed for performance: Predator Freak, X Speedflow or Nemeziz and Copa Sense. Available in a range of colors, you'll be able to assert your personal style while enjoying greater comfort during matches.

The German brand's flagship collections

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced footballer, you're sure to find the ideal pair of studs for optimal performance at foot-store. Choose from adidas soccer boots for kids: adidas Predator Freak, adidas Nemeziz , adidas X Speedflow. Each of these collections is available in a multitude of versions to suit different surfaces:

  • FG (Firm Ground) soles for dry surfaces

  • SG (Soft Ground) soles for greasy surfaces

  • AG (Artificial Ground) soles for synthetic turf

  • TF soles for turf surfaces

  • IN soles for indoor or futsal surfaces

  • adidas Nemeziz soccer boots for children

    Perfect ta your technique and put yourself in the shoes of the great Messi with adidas soccer boots from the Nemeziz range. Practical and comfortable, these laceless pairs feature criss-cross straps that keep feet perfectly in place. Some models feature high collars for optimum ankle protection and stability. Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the Nemeziz cleats hug the feet perfectly and ensure a seamless fit for a better feel, whatever the ta practice surface. adidas Nemezizchildren's shoes are available with cleats or rubber soles .

    adidas Predator Freak soccer shoes for kids

    Impose your style of play and dominate your opponents on the pitch with adidas Predator Freak soccer shoes. These lightweight soccer cleats are designed in the image of Paul Pogba and combine precision and power with brio. Featuring Demonskin technology, these pairs offer improved ball control thanks to the innovative grip system on the upper. Made from an exclusive Primeknit material, they provide stable foot support and are easy to put on. In terms of design, the Predator range of children's shoes comes in a variety of colors to suit everyone's preferences.

    adidas X Speedflow soccer shoes for kids

    Stepup a gear and set the pace with adidas X Speedflow soccer shoes. With their upper made from thin, lightweight technical material, these junior soccer cleats ensure a comfortable fit without compressing the feet for greater liveliness . Equipped with Speedframe soles, this adidas equipment gives you greater stability on the pitch and more speed to accelerate the game.