Soccer Cleats Nike Phantom

The Nike Phantom is the perfect soccer shoe for playmakers, offering incredible comfort and exceptional ball control. One of the finest pairs of soccer shoes Nike.

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Soccer boots Nike Phantom

The Nike Phantom soccer boot is the latest addition to the Nike range of studs. The ambassadors for this new soccer boot are Kevin De Bruyne and Coutinho. Being a playmaker also means having contact with the ball. This is what characterizesrise this soccerboot, which promises to increase the feeling of contact with the ball.

The technology used by Nike Phantom is the Quad Fit, a esp kind of mesh sock that melts into the footballer's foot for seamless support.

Composed largely ofFlyknit technology , this pair of soccer boots is designed to follow the shape of your foot. However, there's no denying that the biggest point strength of this pair of cleats is quite simply its style, of which the Foot-Store team is an absolute fan.

Which players wear Nike Phantom ?

The Nike Phantom GT cleats are renowned for being the cleats of round ball artists, midfield conductors such as Kevin de Bruyne, Kai Havertz, Coutinho, Verratti, Casemiro or Mason Mount. Surface strikers such as Robert Lewandowski and Mauro Icardi also prefer this version. With Nike Phantom , these players can score on their empreinte at any time.

American equipment manufacturer Nike has designed three different versions of Nike Phantom . The Nike Phantom GT is the latest innovation from the Phantom silo and is set to become the dominant version. On Foot-store, you can find the Nike Phantom Vision and the Nike Phantom Venom. These two versions existed before the Phantom GT and are still flagship models for the Swoosh brand.

What are the different Nike Phantom ranges?

Like the autres soccer boot silos Nike: there are four different Nike Phantom ranges. The Nike Phantom GT/Venom or Vision Elite is the top-of-the-range version and costs more because all the Nike technologies are incorporated. These are the pairs used by pro players like Thiago Alcantara. The mid-range is divided in two with the Nike Phantom Pro and Nike Phantom Academy ranges at affordable prices. The entry-level range is Nike Phantom Club, generally used by children still at soccer school.

Nike regularly unveils new colors for each pair of cleats: the most recent are the Spectrum and Black packs x Prism , discover them on Foot-store.

Nike Phantom , for all terrains

The Nike Phantom GT is the latest innovation from Nike and is inspired directly by data from players. It combines pre-surgicalcision and agility. At Foot-store you'll find ta your favorite pair for every type of pitch. For dry natural turf with FG studs and for wet turf with SG studs. AG studs are available for synthetic turf and TF studs for synthetic surfaces such as 5-a-side soccer. Finally, get IT cleats for futsal. Whatever the terrain, make ta vista your voice with Nike Phantom .

Technical specifications Nike Phantom

Nike Phantom are more than just soccer cleats Nike, they're a concentrate of technology. We'll explain.

Flyknit technology

Nike Phantom GT cleats are the result of extensive research into strikers and how to lead an attack. Flyknit technology provides optimum support for the foot in the shoe and incredible ball control. An added bonus is the position of the laces, which have been shifted to the side to control or strike the ball with even more precision and accuracy. Lead fatal attacks or counter-attacks with Nike Phantom GT. Like the Nike Mercurial, the Nike Phantom GT come in two versions: a low version and a high version with a small Dynamic Fit sock around the ankle for extra support.

Hyperquick technology

Stability is key, so Nike Phantom feature an open arch plate for outstanding stability and grip. Destabilize your opponents with confusing changes of direction. The All Conditions Control coating on Nike Phantom allows you to be precise whatever the weather conditions.