Nike Soccer Cleats

On Foot-Store you will find a wide selection of soccer shoes from the famous American brand Nike, through the main silos of soccer shoes Nike: the MercurialVapor and Superfly, the Phantom, the Tiempo.

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Which soccer boots should I choose? Nike

Choosing a pair of Nikecleats means entering the world of sports performance head-on. Buy the cleats of your favorite players. Are you a rapide player, an attacker and a dribbler? We've got the right soccer boots for you. Go for it with Nike and Mercurial Vapor like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé.

Are you more of a number 10 and have above-average technique? Then the Nike soccer shoe for you is Nike Phantom! Join Kevin De Bruyne and Coutinho and explode your number of assists.

Are your idols Lloris, Varane or the iconic Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos? Then don't think again, we've got ta a new pair of soccer boots. Which ones? The Nike Tiempo of course!

Soccer shoe Nike Mercurial

Probably the best-known pair of soccer boots for Nike fans. The story of the Mercurial is first and foremost the story of Nike and the Brazilian national soccer team. Indeed, it was in 1996 that Nike created this pair of soccer boots to match the physical capabilities of Brazil's Ronaldo: speed, tonicity, dribbling and acceleration.

Since then? This pair of soccer boots has become the world's most popular pair of cleats. With ambassadors such as Mbappé and, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo. Always on the lookout for new developments, this pair of soccer boots is now one of the lightest and most comfortable on the market.

Soccer shoe Nike Phantom

The latest addition to the family of soccer boots is undoubtedly the Nike Phantom. Released in January 2019, this pair of cleats is designed mission to replace the Hypervenom, no more, no less! To do so, Nike has pulled out all the stops, and has lined up a bunch of ambassadors who are blowing away the goal counters! Who are they? Cavani, Lewandowski and Harry Kane! A new version will be released in the summer of 2021: The Nike Phantom GT2 with a new design and an even stronger aptitute for ball control. Control the game like Kevin De Bruyne.

Composed largely of Flyknit technology, this pair of soccer boots is designed to fit the shape of your foot. However, there's no denying that the biggest point strength of this pair of cleats is quite simply its style, of which the Foot-Store team is an absolute fan.

Soccer shoe Nike Tiempo

First launched in 1983, but popularized at the 1994 World Cup, the Nike Tiempo soccer shoe makes an immediate impression thanks to its ambassadors Romario and Bebeto. Not bad, eh?

One of the main qualities of the Nike Tiempo pair of soccer cleats is their extreme comfort, which is justified by the use of kangaroo leather. In fact, this comfort is still the cornerstone of the success of this pair of soccer boots. The latest innovation in this pair of soccer cleats is Quadfit technology. This new technology, already used on the Nike Phantom , promises optimum foot support.