Soccer jerseys for kids

As a specialist in children's soccer shirts and equipment, Foot-Store offers you children's soccer shirts from your favorite teams! Find the biggest clubs European teams like PSG, OM, Real Madrid, FC Barcelone ornational teams like France.

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Types of children's soccer shirts: authentic, vapor or replica?

Did you know? There are now different types of children's soccer shirts. To help you choose ta tunic, you can choose between vapor, authentic and replica jerseys. What's the difference? Authentic and vapor jerseys are worn by professional soccer players, whereas replica jerseys are designed for children. So, if your child wants to wear a jersey worn by your idols Neymar Jr, Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo then choose an authentic Juventus jersey or a vapor jersey from PSG or FC Barcelone.

Vapor and Authentic soccer jerseys differ from replica jerseys in that they are more breathable.

To help you choose from our huge selection of children's soccer shirts, we've got different categories based on the biggest teams favored by football-loving kids!

Children's soccer jerseys by the big boys clubs

At Foot-Store, you'll find kids' soccer shirts from all the big names clubs! For example, you'll be able to buy Manchester United children's soccer shirts, FC Barcelone children's soccer shirts or OM children' s soccer shirts. Of course, every child soccer fan dreams of being able to wear the same jersey as their idols! So don't hesitate, if you want to make your child happy, get the latest Mbbappé or Griezmann children's jersey!

PSG children's soccer jersey

The favorite club of today's kids is undoubtedly Paris Saint Germain. That's why Foot-Store offers you all PSG children's products, including PSG children's soccer shirts! If you want your child to buy the jersey of his idol Mbappé, or even the Neymar children's jersey, don't hesitate!

France soccer jersey for kids

After the 2018 World Cup, the Equipe de France has once again become the national team that makes its country proud! That's why some players have become real models! The Griezmann children's soccer jersey, for example, has become a must-have for all club and school soccer players! If you want to make your child happy, then think no more, and give him or her the latest France children's soccer shirts!

Cheap children's soccer shirts

On Foot-Store, you'll find a huge selection of cheap children's soccer shirts! All year round, our team tries to offer you the best prices to please your child! All year round, you'll be able to buy cheap children's soccer jerseys from marseille and cheap children's soccer jerseys from psg . In particular, there are certain times of the year that you shouldn't miss if you want to buy cheap kids soccer jerseys.