All equipment for soccer referees

Here you'll find all the soccer equipment for referees, including whistles, yellow and red cards, flags and stopwatches.

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Looking for the best pieces of referee equipment? You've come to the right place. On Foot-Store, we offer a wide selection of refereeing equipment such as whistles, cards, flags and electronicdevices at unbeatable prices.

The best refereeing equipment on the market is on Foot-Store

Specializing in the online sale of soccer products, Foot-Store carries a special clearance sale on most of its items specially designed for referees. And to meet the requirements of both amateurs and professionals in this field, our experts have selected the best items from the biggest brands in the world of soccer, such as Lynx Sport,Select,Garmin,Erima,Sporti France ,Uhlsport and TremblayCT.

The equipment you need to referee a soccer match

Just as important as players, fans and coaches, referees are sportsmen and women in their own right, making a major contribution to maintaining order on a pitch or autres type of soccer field. But to perform this role comfortably and efficiently, they need the right equipment to make their difficult task as easy as possible. Here are a few basic tools, essential for a good refereeing session.

All referee whistles

There are two types. It's up to you to decide which one suits you best.

Ball whistles: classic whistle models, these are the most widespread on the market. They are characterized by a shrill, powerful sound, thanks to the presence of a small ball inside. Generally made of plastic or metal, they are ideal for judging outdoor matches.

Ball-less whistles: for fans of new finds in terms of equipment, there's nothing like these innovative models, suitable for all uses. They are lighter and smaller than their big ball brothers, and emit sounds at a higher frequency than the latter. Ergonomically designed for both fingers and mouth, they guarantee high-quality, extremely comfortable and easy arbitration.

Browsing the page, you can discover several examples, including the Sporti Francesteel + cordwhistle, Molten foot dolphin whistle, Uhlsport black whistle and Tremblay metal whistle (available in packs of 12). You'll also find strong, durable and practical cords for easy hanging.

Electronic referee equipment

Primarily used to delimit matches over time, these devices are highly practical thanks to their innovative functionality and reliability. Made from top-quality materials, these watches and chronometers are exceptionally sturdy, highly resistant and extremely durable. They also boast maximum autonomy. You can choose between several models Garmin,Tramblay and Sporti France. However,particularly recommendsthe Spontso Tremblay referee's watch , which not only features a number of programmable periods from 1 to 9, but also a simultaneous management system for the count, countdown and additional time.

Referee cards

Designed to penalize unsportsmanlike fouls and actions ,referee cards areavailable in red and yellow, depending on the severity of the penalty. For some years now, they have also been available in blue to protect players' health. In simple terms, these give the referee the power to remove a footballer from the match when he suspects a possible concussion as a result of an impact. The player's suspension is followed by the temporary withdrawal of his license for a period of 10 days, which can extend over several months. The player can only recover his license once his doctor has confirmed in writing that he is fit to return to the pitch.

Side flags

Dedicated to assistant referees, formerly known as touch referees, these flags are raised in the event of a throw-in oroffside . Made of fabric and a lightweight backing, they feature an ergonomic wrist for easy grip. At foot-store, you'll be spoilt for choice with a range of single-colored yellow and orange flags and yellow and orange checkerboard flags from Sporti France,Select and Macron.