Soccer shoes Puma One

Soccer boots are essential if you want to take your game to the next level. Discover on Foot-Store all the soccer shoes Puma, and in particular the cleats Puma One .

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Soccer shoe Puma One

The Puma One soccer shoe has been designed for players who have no limits, or at least want to push them as far as possible. This shoe creates an optimal balance between agility, speed and touch. It pushes you to ta maximum speed on the different pitches you play on, and gives you an unrivalled feel for the ball. Gain maximum stability and agility with its new technologies.

NRGY technology

The cleats feature a midsole called "NRGY" offering exceptional cushioning for players wearing these shoes Puma One . Control impacts and protect yourself from the multiple aches and pains that can occur when falling back after a hard-fought duel in the air or autres. The energy return is also very appreciable thanks to the Puma One which allows you to link up efforts and runs without wasting time. You'll be able to link up your supports and gain in velocity.


The grippy outsole features RAPIDAGILITY technology. The conical and longitudinal studs are cleverly placed under the sole, making the PUMA shoe light and responsive.

FUSEFIT technology

This pair of PUMA One shoes features customized lacing, i.e. a lacing system that adapts to the player's foot for maximum comfort. The aim of this technology is to give players the impression of playing in socks, so that they forget all about their shoes. FUSEFIT technology plays a key role in this feeling of comfort provided by the cleats.

evoKNIT technology

The evoKNIT seamless mesh makes all the difference on this pair, playing a major role in the shoe's lightweight feel. It envelops the entire pair for a stylish look and, above all, breathable comfort.

Wide range on Foot-store

Puma One is available in a wide range of colors on Foot-store, including green, silver, blue, orange and yellow, so it's easy to find the perfect match for ta. Adult sizes are available for both men and women, as well as children's sizes. You can find them in this category in many different price ranges, from entry-level at 40€ to top-of-the-range at 200€. In this category we present Puma One soccer boots for all types of terrain, whether dry, greasy, synthetic or artificial.