FC soccer shirts Bayern Munich

Find on Foot-Store all the soccer jerseys of the biggest clubs, and in particular of the German clubs of the Bundesliga. Find here all the products and shirts of Bayern Munich , the most popular club ofAllemagne.

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FC Bayern Munich is one of the greatest clubs soccer clubs in Europe and the world. The Bavarian club has won the Allemagne, Bundesliga, championship 32 times, and is the defending champion. Bayern has also won 20 domestic cupsAllemagne, 6 League Cups and 9 SupercupsAllemagne, making it the biggest club in the worldAllemagne. On the international stage, Bayern is one of the great European clubs clubs to have achieved repeated success, winning 6 Champions Leagues, 2 World Cups clubs, 2 Intercontinental Cups, 2 UEFA Supercups, 1 Cup Winners' Cup and 1 Europa League.

Bayern Munich maintains a close rivalry with Borussia Dortmund, another of Germany's top clubs. The two clubs even faced off in an incredible match in the Ligue des champions final in 2013, won by Bayern in extra time thanks to a goal fromArjen Robben.

In recent years, Bayern has been able to count on a real core of great players to take it to the top of Europe, notably with the duo Rob-bery, made up of Robben and Ribéry, who have both worked wonders in Bavaria.

Today, the German club, still led by a few key players such as Kimmich, Neuer and Müller, has managed to replace or almost replace the major departures of recent seasons, with the arrival and emergence of new talents such as Coman, Gnabry and Pavard.

With the support of its many fans, Bayern is once again a contender in all competitions this season. The players know that this shirt is heavy to wear, and they must win titles every season.

Home jersey Bayern Munich 2024/23

German outfitter adidas, sponsor of the Bavarians since 1974, is offering a home jersey this season Bayern in the same red-and-white color scheme. The original red makes a comeback, reminiscent of the shirt worn in 2000/01 when Bayern won the Champions League. The horizontal white stripes on the front create a visual effect that we love, thanks to their different thicknesses. The main color is red with a V-neck. The threeadidas stripes are found on the sides of the shirt. The adidas logo and that of sponsor T-mobile are white. A special feature of the clubs jerseys is that the players' nom is at the bottom rather than at the top, as it features the club's nom logo. The club is a veritable institution at Allemagne. However, in the European Cup, UEFA only allows nom on the back. Are Leroy Sané, Leon Goretzka or Serge Gnabry your idols? Get the Bayern home jersey with official flocking.

Outdoor Jersey Bayern Munich 2024/23

The Outdoor Jersey Bayern Munich Bavaria's second shirt is white with gold detailing, carrying memories of the city.

Third Jersey Bayern Munich 2024/23

The Bayern Third jersey has a simple, unique design. Black in color, the cusson of Bayern Munich and the five stars will be red.

FC equipment Bayern Munich

On Foot-store, you'll find soccer shirts from the fabulous Bayern Munich club. But that's not all, as you'll also find all the club's autres outfits, equipment and accessories. You'll also find all the club's outfits, equipment and accessories, including training tops, clothing, training shirts and shorts training shirts, as well asLifestyle club outfits , including sweatshirts, pants and autres official t-shirts. As for match outfits, you'll find everything you need to play soccer: shirts, shorts and socks for champ players and goalkeepers.

We also offer you the opportunity to flock your favorite player's nom and number on your FC Bayern Munich soccer shirt with the official flocking, or to flock your nom or that of someone close to you with the personalized flocking on Foot-store.