Soccer shoes Puma Future

When it comes to soccer boots, Puma soccer boots are obviously on theesprit list of soccer fans. You too can discover the Puma Future soccer boots worn by Neymar JR.

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Soccer shoe Puma Future

Unveiled at the end of 2017 to replace the evoTOUCH andevoSPEED,Puma hasplaced great hopes in this new pair of cleats Puma Future . With the arrival of Neymar Jr. as the main ambassador and the release of Puma Future Z, Puma takes on a new dimension. There's no doubt about it, every soccer fan knows that Puma Future are a must-have!

Which players wear Puma Future ?

Puma Future Z are THE new Puma soccer boots to have in your sports bag. Neymar Jr, Luis Suarez, Nicolas Pepe, Ederson Moraes the goalkeeper of Manchester City and Marco Reus are already wearing them, why not you? Like Neymar Jr, Puma Future Z want to change the rules of the game.

What are the different Puma Future ranges?

The different Puma Future soccer shoe ranges vary according to the number of technologies the shoe contains. The 1.1 range features all the latest technologies, including FUSIONFIT + technology for optimum support. This is the top-of-the-range version of Puma Future Z. The Puma Future Z 2.1, mainly for adults, and the Puma Future Z 3.1, with a version for children, are the two mid-range versions. The Puma Future Z 4.1 is the entry-level version, mainly for children.

The Puma Future is available in several colors. Get your Puma Future in charcoal black with the Puma Eclipse pack or black and purple with the Puma Chasing Adrenaline pack, black and red/yellow with the Puma Game On pack or sky blue with the Speed of Light pack. Choose the color that suits you best at Foot-store.

Puma Future for all types of terrain

Puma Future Z will give your opponents a run for their money on any pitch: natural or synthetic turf with Puma Future FG/AG studs and wet turf with MxSG studs, synthetic surfaces for Five or 5-a-side soccer with Puma Future TT/TF studs or Puma Future IC/IT studs for futsal.

evoKNIT technology

TheevoKNIT technology is repeated on this model, with its fine, reinforced mesh visible throughout the shoe .Comfort was a key feature of Puma's previous evoTOUCH and evoSPEED pairs , which is why the German equipment manufacturer has retained this characteristic on the Puma Future . The seamless knit design provides sock-like comfort. The manufacturer's aim is to ensure that players don't even notice their cleats when they're playing, so that they feel aslight and free as if they were barefoot. Comfort comes first on this pair of soccer shoes from Puma.


What' s new on this pair is theoutsole, with its newRAPIDAGILITY technology , which combines flexibility and solidity under the shoe. This technical feature of the shoe facilitates changes of direction and support rapide. The conical and longitudinal studs on this grippy outsole are cleverly arranged to make it as grippy and responsive as possible.

NETFIT technology

NETFITtechnology gives this pair of Puma Futuresoccer shoes a rarely equaled adapt ability. The lacing system has been designed so that each individual wearing this pair of cleats can adapt them to his or her foot morphology and feel as comfortable as possible.

A wide range on Foot-store

On Foot-store, you'll find this pair of cleats in many different colors: blue, green, red, orange and yellow, so you can wear them in your team's colors. They are available in adult sizes 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 and above, as well as in children's sizes under 39. You can find this pair of soccer shoes for every type of pitch, whetherdry, greasy, artificial or synthetic.