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On Foot-Store you'll find a whole range of products dedicated to clubs amateurs and professionals, including training equipment. Here, you'll find all the cones and studs you need for your training sessions.

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Find here the cones and studs you need for your amateur club: cones, saucers, studs, markers, delimitation kit. Complete your soccer club equipment with quality products from leading brands such as Erima, Macron, Jako.

Soccer training equipment for amateur clubs: cones and studs

There's no secret to making technical progress in soccer and improving your level of play: you need to train and play. Regular training sessions are necessary to master dribbling and ball control, which are the basis for better control of the game.Soccer training also enables players to prepare themselves physically through different exercises to develop their abilities: speed, endurance,strength, balance...

Whether you're a coach, anamateur club manager , or a footballer looking for quality soccer equipment,everything you need is just a click away in our online store. To improve your soccer team's level of play , find a wide range of equipment dedicated to training: cones, studs, markers, footprint kits. To satisfy every sportsman, our training equipment is available for adults and children. For jumping exercises , you can opt for a Lynx soft hurdle that can also be used as a mini goal . For agility exercises, slalom poles are your best ally. These practicalstakes are perfect for creating a training course.

At foot-store, you can equip your club at the best price with products designed by leading sports equipment manufacturers such asMacron,Erima or Jako. Made fromtough, durable materials such as Poly ethylene, the soccer equipment available at ta is designed to combine reliability and functionality. Their weighted base design ensures that these sports studs remain stable against the wind.

To meet every need ,soccer cones are available in a wide choice ofcolors (white, black, blue, red, green...) and sizes. Our selection of training equipment also includescone covers numbered from 1 to 10, ideal for cones from 23 to 30 cm. You'll also find a wide selection of delimitation kits for small-group training .

Why use boundary cones?

As its name nom indicates, delimitation cones can be used to divide up the training field to create different exercise zones. In this way, players can train in several groups to develop key skills such asagility, precision, and coordination. To delimit the space, you can opt for rigid cones or flexible models such as the flexi cones from Macron. Thanks to their design material, these flexible cones reduce impact for greater safety during training. For agility exercises, you can choose cones with holes to set up hurdle courses . Depending on your needs, you can find soccer cones inall sizes in our online store : 30 cm, 36 cm, 38 cm. If you want to save money on your soccer training equipment, take advantage of our cone packs at unbeatable prices.

Marking studs or training cups: which model to choose?

To complete your soccer club equipment, studs and flat cups are essential training aids. Each with its own advantages, these 2 items can be used to mark out the pitch or delimit a zone. Marking studs offer an advantage in terms of visibility, thanks to their greater volume and height. As for the training cups, they allow you to carry out various dribbling and tactical exercises in complete safety, and to prevent the soccer ball from being exposed to a change of trajectory. Keeping the ball, playing in small spaces, crossing, counter-attacking... Whatever type of exercise you want to set up, find all the equipmentyou need foryour amateur club'ssoccer training thanks to our wide range ofstuds, markers and saucers.

The best brands of soccer equipment for high-performance training

To give you the opportunity to equip your club with the best equipment, we have reserved for you products from thebiggest sports and soccer brands, such as Macron,Tremblay, Jako. All these major players in the world of the round ball offer sets of studs, training cones and sturdy cups that are easy to store and transport . Our selection of field delimitation and marking kits will satisfy your demands forquality and reliability. Shop for your training equipment at low prices in our online soccer store, taking advantage of our special offers and promotions.